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Store specializing in Niigata Jizake
We export Niigata Jizake to the World

There are 92 Sakagura in Niigata prefecture which made unique taste sake for each.
The delicate flavor and aroma of these sake is loved local people since long ago.
Almost Niigata Jizake is drinked by local people, excluding famous Sake.
I would like people all over the world to know Niigata Jizake which made of Rice,
Snow-melted Water in Niigata and made by Expert Brewers called
Echigo-toji. So I started On-line shopping service and I encourage Niigata Jizake which we produced.
I strongly believe that I send feelings of happiness by drinking
Niigata Jizake which elegant aroma, delicately sweet and smooth with clean finish.

  • About
    of Niigata
    About SAKE
    Culture of Niigata
  • Location
  • Circumstance
  • SAKE Rice
  • Water for Brewing
  • Echigo-Toji
  • How to Drink

Our Products

- Category -

  • Junmai Dai Ginjo
  • Junmai Ginjo
  • Junmai shu

- Brand -

  • Amamizu
  • kumara-ju
  • kaguwa

- Sake Brewery -

  • nakagawa
  • imayotsukasa
  • koshinohana